My first outing

My college was going to start on 16th May 2016. I reached Chandigarh on 14th May. Next day, I came to know that students are going on a hostel trip to Fun city. As it was my first day in the hostel, I didn’t know much people. I knew only Divya and Dimple who happened to be my roommates and seniors. So, I was not feeling like going to Fun city. Then, I went for breakfast with Divya. Warden came and asked me why I was not going to trip. Mam said to me that this trip is going to be wonderful and you will get to know more people there. Mam persuaded me to go and I got ready.

A bus was arranged to take us to the Fun city. I had never been to Fun city. So, when the bus reached the destination, I was very excited. There were a lot of swings. Then we got wristbands that were necessary for the entry. We wandered a bit in the park. We clicked some pictures and then entered the water park. First, we did boating. It was a sunny day. The combination of the sun in the sky and cold water beneath us was making the experience amazing. Touching water with fingers was soul satisfying. The view was very clear and mesmerizing.

After boating, we went for a water slide. Letting yourself go with the flow of water was a different experience in itself. Around 1 PM, we had lunch. After lunch, we again went for water slides. We clicked a lot of selfies and a group photo. At last, we had ice creams. Then we boarded the bus and returned to the hostel.

This trip on just second day was a new experience for me. I got to meet new people. I saw new places. We cracked jokes and had a great time together. The trip to Fun city was the perfect start for my college life.

Here are some of the moments that were captured on that day. Enjoy.