My first day of college


I was late on very first day of my college. What a great start.

I was nervous and excited as well. I didn’t know where was my classroom. The watchman told me where my classroom is. When I entered the classroom, the teacher asked me to take my seat. I looked at the classroom, students, and the teacher. I saw that a game was being played.

Every student had a piece of folded paper in their hand. That piece of paper was written by someone else. As per my guess, every student wrote their name and their introduction on a piece of paper. Then all papers were collected and every student was asked to pick a paper. One student stood up and opened the piece of paper and read the name and introduction of the person written on that paper. Then, the student whose name was in the previous paper, stood up and read the paper that he/she was holding and the game continued. After this game, the teacher asked me to introduce myself.

After this, whole class went to INIFD Corporate Office where we met Anil Khosla, Ritu Kochar. Anil Khosla is CEO of INIFD and Ritu Kochar is the Founder Director of INIFD. Anil Khosla sir gave us a motivational speech. He pointed towards my specs and gave an example that if you want to be a fashion designer then you should think how you can carry these specs so that they appear to be beautiful and fashionable. Anil sir also said that every morning wake up and see your face in the mirror and repeat to yourself that you are a designer.

After the speech, we clicked group pictures with Anil Khosla and Ritu Kochar. After that we got refreshments. Then I went back to the hostel. When I reached my room, my seniors asked me about my first day of college. Then we went to the canteen to have some tea and Maggi. (Maggi – best thing about hostel ;p )