Orientation – part 1

Hi Everyone,

So, let’s start with my class experiences. From May 16, 2016 to June 12, 2017, it was orientation period in college. The purpose of orientation was to give students a platform where students could be introduced to fashion before the commencement of classes and also, to introduce to each other.

I have so much to tell you about orientation because that was a whole new experience for me. But I will try to cover the whole orientation period in some posts. This is the first post in the orientation series. I will tell you about some of the classes that left an impact on me from learning, entertainment and experience perspective.

  1. In the orientation, I remember one class in which we had to get a print out of walking figure. We had to copy it and cut it into the proper shape. Now we were supposed to select designs from magazines and cut it in a way that made a dress. Next step was to paste the paper dresses on the figure that we had cut. From this exercise, we got to see our creativity. After the class, there was a group photo and we were given homework also. We were supposed to make at least 2-3 dresses in this way. The next day, our work was displayed in the foyer area and it was the most interesting thing which I could remember.
  2. There was also an illustration class in which I learned how to handle the pencil and how to make a gradient. The most interesting thing in this class was that I learned about how to make face features. Special focus was given to nose, eyes and lips. I like to draw even before joining college so, I enjoyed this class a lot.
  3. Before this class, we had to bring an old T-shirt. I had no t-shirt so when I told that to my cousin brother, he said that no need to buy a new t-shirt. You could take my t-shirt. I had no idea that it will be cut next day. When I reached the class, I came to know that it will be cut. In this class, we were taught how to make a design in an interesting way and how to give a new design to an ordinary t-shirt. After learning this, I also cut my t-shirt into a top. I was very happy to see this because it was made by me. That top was looking very cool but when my cousin saw his t-shirt turned top, his wordings were, “Don’t expect me to wear this”. We all had a good laugh.
  4. When there was an embroidery class, we were supposed to bring anchor threads. Anchor threads are used in embroidery. In class, we learned basic stitching and after learning the stitches, I made an embroidery in form of rose flower. This class was easy for me because I knew some basic stitching already. Also, I learned some new things and new ways of doing things.
  5. During orientation, apart from practical classes, theory class were also there. We were supposed to do research on designers and different brands and then make a presentation on it. From this research work, I got to know about famous brands and designers. Also, I got to know how these brands were started. Learning about the history of fashion was a good learning experience for me.

Here are some pics from the above classes.

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That’s it for the first part. I will write more about orientation in coming posts.

Stay tuned and don’t break your new year resolution. 🙂