Academic Diaries – Year 1 – Post 1

Hello guys!

I was thinking about it for a while that I should create different series for the different type of posts. Like above Academic Diaries series for posts around my studies, academic activities. In this way, it would be much easier for you guys to relate the posts with each other and not to get confused. In fact, I was thinking about making another series where I can show you some tutorials of things that we learn in college. Though that’s a talk of later but for time being let’s start with Academic Diaries.

After orientation class, we had 2 months holidays. After the holidays, I came to Chandigarh on 15th of august. Next day, I went to the class where I met my friends. It was good to see those faces after 2 months. Then class teachers came and asked us how our holidays were?

We all were divided into sections. But I was not happy because all of my friends were in section A and I was in section B, so, I went to the admin section and got my section changed. Then mam came and told us our timetable. Mam also told us what things we need to bring. We had to buy ivory sheets and bond sheets. Ivory sheets are hard and thick but Bond sheets are normal plain white sheets.

We have total 11 subjects in the first year. These are Garment construction, Indian Art and Appreciation, Fashion Figure and Drawing, Textiles, Basics of Fashion, Pattern making, Surface ornamentation (Embroidery), Computer, English and Management. I want to share what we were supposed to do in the above subjects and the equipment, things that we needed for the subjects.

In garment constructing class, we were told about machine kit. A machine kit usually includes things like a needle, needle clamp, bobbin, bobbin case, spool, thread. In pattern making class, we were told about pattern making tools and equipment. For pattern making, we needed a working surface, paper, pencils, and pins, measuring tape, fabric scissor, tracing wheel, tailor chalk, french curves, one-fourth and one-fifth scale. For embroidery class, we needed anchor thread (thick and generally anchor thread are made with 6 yarns and used for embroidery), also needles, scissor, khaddar casement (fabric of khaddar), wooden frame (it is of circular shape and used to tighten the fabric for embroidery). With khaddar casement, we were supposed to make samples of size 10 by 12 inches. In Indian art and appreciation, we do mainly research work on Indian states. Firstly, we did research work on Kashmir. In the research work, we did research on the lifestyle of Kashmir, food, living, dance, art and craft, culture, festivals, and dresses. And after doing the research work made a presentation on it. India is such a diverse country that every state has its own culture. It was a good experience to study the culture of a different state.

In basics of fashion, we learned the basic terms related to fashion. Terms like Haute-couture (it involves expensive material and intensive labour. It is usually made on order i.e., customize for a certain client), Pret-a-porter (these are ready to wear clothing’s and made in standard size), Avant-garde (clothings which are made by experimental or innovative ideas and methods. In daily life we can’t wear it).

Illustration class was of my interest. We bought a pencil kit for illustration. In this kit, there are seven pencils – 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b, 7b and 8b(Here, B stand for blackness). We did lots of practice on pressure lines. After this practice, shading became easy for us. In fashion foundation class, mam told us about elements of design. There were seven elements of design. These were dots, line, shape, texture, color, value, and pattern. We were supposed to click the images of dots and take the printouts of the pics. We had to write our expressions that we feel on seeing the dots. We usually express ourselves from dots. In textile, firstly we got to know about the history of textiles. Textile has traditionally meant, “A woven fabric”. We learned about fibers, yarns or fabrics.

This was what I learned in the first week of college. Below are some images of my work. See you soon…