Academic Diaries – Year 1 – Post 2

Hello readers,

I am back with the second post in Academic diaries. Sorry for the long gap between posts. My exams will be starting soon and there is a lot of work to complete. I am currently equipped with that. Let’s get started.

In the subject, elements of design, we learned about lines. We learned about different types of lines, their names, and their psychological effects. Then we had to do the same with the dots also. I clicked the images of lines and wrote the expressions that we feel when we see these lines.

We created compositions with lines. We cut a paper in dress shape and then put the paper dress on lines and from that we created designs for garments. In surface ornamentation class, we learned about basic stitches. These are running stitch, even stitch, uneven stitch, back stitch, half back stitch. These stitches were done with anchor thread and needle. But these stitches were easy for me because I already knew about basic stitches. In Indian art and appreciation, we had to do research work on ancient Indian civilization and make a presentation on our research. That week, in illustration, I learned pencil shading (gradation) and stippling. Stippling means marking a surface with numerous dots. I spent a full day to complete stippling because it was very time-consuming. Just imagine how dotting a paper would be? We did pencil shading horizontally, vertically, Diagonally with pencils of different types.

In garment construction class, we had to do practice sewing machine on paper but I already knew how a sewing machine works. Thanks to my mother for teaching me that. I found no difficulties in it. In pattern making class, we learned how to make a bodice block for 2-3 years old baby with full measurements. From that bodice block, we had to make dresses for baby. In textiles, we had to collect different types of fabric swatches (swatch means a small piece of a cloth and fabric means cloth) and cut them in 6*6 inch size. We learned about fibers; yarns (Thread. In fashion terminology, it is said fibers or yarns). Fibers can be divided into two parts- natural fibers and man-made fibers. Some things were related to chemistry also.

In basics of fashion, I learned fashion terminology. As a fashion designer, we should know the fashion terminologies. Some of the fashion terminologies are:-

  1. Style: – styles come and go in terms of acceptance
  2. Design: – design is a specific version of style
  3. Taste: – refers to an individual’s choice what to wear or not to wear on an occasion
  4. Fad fashion: – this fashion comes and go in a single season
  5. Ford fashion: – fashion that sells in great quantities

We learned about Fashion looks, accessories, fashion looks, fashion trends and fashion season. There is two main season (spring/summer and autumn/winter).

That’s a brief of what I learned in college in next week. Hope you also got to learn some new terms and their meanings. Below are the images of my work that I had mentioned above.


Happy reading… 🙂