Freshers’ Party

Hello readers – hope you all are doing great. It’s summer in India and it is scorching hot here but that won’t stop me from writing next post. Actually, I was very busy with my exams and submissions and that is why it took me so long to write. My exams went very well. I am enjoying my summer holidays at my home. Now, I will continue with my new blog post – My freshers’ party. There was two freshers’ party. One party was organized by college and other by the hostel. Both the parties were in the 3rd week of September.

My college freshers’ party

I was very excited for our freshers’ party. The Party was at the JW Marriott hotel. It was a ballroom themed party. A ballroom is a large room inside a building which is used to hold large parties. I bought a gown of red color. With that red gown, I bought golden color hanging earrings, a golden crown and also red pumps (footwear). On the day of the party, I got up early and got ready. Then we went to the hotel. As we reached the hotel, a red carpet was welcoming us. There we clicked images with friends and also with teachers. Then we went to the hall where lots of lights were hanging in the middle of the hall. As I saw the lights, it gave the feeling like I am at some royal palace. Then there were dance performances by students. There was a group dance, followed by couple dance and two solo performances. One was contemporary dance and other was belly dance. We were having soft drinks and also, we were shouting to encourage the dancers. The dance was awesome and very entertaining. After these performances, the competition was started for Mr. and Miss Fresher 2016. As I wanted to share with you guys that I also gave the auditions for Miss Fresher but I was not selected. The judges were Ritu mam and Priyanka Khosla mam. In that competition, firstly, there were 3 or 4 rounds of ramp walk. After the rounds, some participants were selected for the last round. The last round was a question answers round that helped to decide Mr. and Miss Fresher.

Once the competition was over, the floor became the dance floor. We all friends danced for some time. For lunch, passes were very important. But when we looked for the passes, we didn’t find them. Then our friends shared their lunch with us. After lunch, again we went dancing the After dance, we went outside in the garden for photos and we clicked pictures of each other. After this, we came back to our hostel near 5 pm. I really enjoyed the party a lot.

Hostel freshers’ party-

The hostel freshers’ was held in the hostel itself. There was no dress code for that party. I bought a blue maxi dress. There was embroidery on the waist of silver color. I wore with that dress, silver hanging earrings, a silver neck piece and silver heels. There was DJ system in the hall. There we did dance until we got tired. We ate snacks in between dance. Three girls were selected for Miss Fresher, best dancer and best dress and they were honored with the prizes. Then we clicked photos and after that we had dinner. And that was my hostel freshers’. I enjoyed this party also. Who doesn’t like parties 😉 and I know the resolution of images is not that good.