Academic Diaries – Year 1 – Post 3

Hello everyone. Happy friendship day to all my wonderful friends. I am here with my new post in academic diaries. So let’s get started.

In elements of design, we learned about shapes and silhouettes. There are three types of shapes – geometrical, naturals and abstract. Geometrical shapes are those shapes which occupy space, natural shapes are found in nature but they also can be man-made shapes and abstract shapes are simple versions of natural shapes. A silhouette is the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with its edges matching the outline of the subject. There are six types of silhouettes – Bell, A-line, hourglass, tube, box, and back fullness. The picture below is a silhouette.




In surface ornamentation, we continued with basic stitches. The teacher taught us 26-27 stitches. These stitches were not very easy. They were time-consuming and they need practice also. I made a satin stitched flower for my portfolio.


In Indian art and appreciation, we did research on western Indian states- Gujarat. Gujarat is famous for its culture and craftwork. Navratri is one of the famous festivals. Navratri is celebrated for 10 days and the Garba is a popular dance of Gujarat. The main outfit which Gujarati men wear is chorno and kediyu. The women wear chaniyo and choli. There is mostly mirror work on the dresses. This is the picture of the traditional Gujarati dress.


In Illustration, with stippling process, I made footwears for practice and also for the portfolio. After stippling, we learned etching process. Etching was the process of doing gradation with crisscross.  For next class mam asked us to buy Staedtler colors.


In Garment construction class, we learned basic seams. We learned that there are nine types of seams and those are a plain seam, top stitched seam, lapped seam, French seam, mock French seam, welt seam, slot seam, bound seam, and counter seam.


In pattern making class we learned how to make the pattern of A-line frock. We will use this pattern in our next project knock off.


In textiles, we learned about natural cellulosic fibers. In natural cellulosic fibers, we studied about production processing, properties, uses. We studied about cotton, kapok, coir, flax, jute, hemp, etc. (natural cellulosic fibers).

In Basics of fashion class, we learned about intangibles of fashion. It means why fashion changes. We learned that there are three factors that bring changes in fashion. These were acceptance, change, adoption.

This is what I had learned that week in college. I hope you got to learn some jargons related to the fashion world in today’s post.