So, what to expect from this blog?

The main aim of this blog is to share my journey into the fashion world. I will tell you about the things that I will learn on the path of becoming a fashion designer. And these learnings might include illustrations, GC and drafting, Adda work, creating a design on a computer etc. I will share my creations with you (Though some might be funny). I will share my every experience with you.

Apart from that, I will post about the Design process. In the Design process, you will come to know how a designer takes inspiration from anything and then creates an end product from that inspiration. I will post about latest fashion trends and dresses that you can carry according to your personality. Also, I will keep you updated with events that I will be aware of. These events will include beauty pageants, workshops, fashion shows. I will also tell you about software that I will be using to create designs. Some of the things might sound Greek to you (If you are a beginner) but I will try my best to explain things to you.

I want this blog to be a go-to blog where any beginner can find information about what is fashion and what to expect from fashion design course. I want to give any person a glimpse into fashion world who hasn’t even entered into it. This blog will also be helpful to those who just want to know about latest fashion trends only.

I know that I have just started and I am yet to learn a lot. My fashion sense will improve with time, my creations will improve, my understanding about fashion will improve and my blogs will improve.

So, that’s all. Enjoy reading my blogs and feel free to share your thoughts. You know how to Connect with me. Share the posts if you find them useful.