Freshers’ Party

Hello readers – hope you all are doing great. It’s summer in India and it is scorching hot here but that won’t stop me from writing next post. Actually, I was very busy with my exams and submissions and that is why it took me so long to write. My exams went very well. I am enjoying my summer holidays at my home. Now, I will continue with my new blog post – My freshers’ party. There was two freshers’ party. One party was organized by college and other by the hostel. Both the parties were in the 3rd week of September.

My college freshers’ party

I was very excited for our freshers’ party. The Party was at the JW Marriott hotel. It was a ballroom themed party. A ballroom is a large room inside a building which is used to hold large parties. I bought a gown of red color. With that red gown, I bought golden color hanging earrings, a golden crown and also red pumps (footwear). On the day of the party, I got up early and got ready. Then we went to the hotel. As we reached the hotel, a red carpet was welcoming us. There we clicked images with friends and also with teachers. Then we went to the hall where lots of lights were hanging in the middle of the hall. As I saw the lights, it gave the feeling like I am at some royal palace. Then there were dance performances by students. There was a group dance, followed by couple dance and two solo performances. One was contemporary dance and other was belly dance. We were having soft drinks and also, we were shouting to encourage the dancers. The dance was awesome and very entertaining. After these performances, the competition was started for Mr. and Miss Fresher 2016. As I wanted to share with you guys that I also gave the auditions for Miss Fresher but I was not selected. The judges were Ritu mam and Priyanka Khosla mam. In that competition, firstly, there were 3 or 4 rounds of ramp walk. After the rounds, some participants were selected for the last round. The last round was a question answers round that helped to decide Mr. and Miss Fresher.

Once the competition was over, the floor became the dance floor. We all friends danced for some time. For lunch, passes were very important. But when we looked for the passes, we didn’t find them. Then our friends shared their lunch with us. After lunch, again we went dancing the After dance, we went outside in the garden for photos and we clicked pictures of each other. After this, we came back to our hostel near 5 pm. I really enjoyed the party a lot.

Hostel freshers’ party-

The hostel freshers’ was held in the hostel itself. There was no dress code for that party. I bought a blue maxi dress. There was embroidery on the waist of silver color. I wore with that dress, silver hanging earrings, a silver neck piece and silver heels. There was DJ system in the hall. There we did dance until we got tired. We ate snacks in between dance. Three girls were selected for Miss Fresher, best dancer and best dress and they were honored with the prizes. Then we clicked photos and after that we had dinner. And that was my hostel freshers’. I enjoyed this party also. Who doesn’t like parties 😉 and I know the resolution of images is not that good.


Academic Diaries – Year 1 – Post 1

Hello guys!

I was thinking about it for a while that I should create different series for the different type of posts. Like above Academic Diaries series for posts around my studies, academic activities. In this way, it would be much easier for you guys to relate the posts with each other and not to get confused. In fact, I was thinking about making another series where I can show you some tutorials of things that we learn in college. Though that’s a talk of later but for time being let’s start with Academic Diaries.

After orientation class, we had 2 months holidays. After the holidays, I came to Chandigarh on 15th of august. Next day, I went to the class where I met my friends. It was good to see those faces after 2 months. Then class teachers came and asked us how our holidays were?

We all were divided into sections. But I was not happy because all of my friends were in section A and I was in section B, so, I went to the admin section and got my section changed. Then mam came and told us our timetable. Mam also told us what things we need to bring. We had to buy ivory sheets and bond sheets. Ivory sheets are hard and thick but Bond sheets are normal plain white sheets.

We have total 11 subjects in the first year. These are Garment construction, Indian Art and Appreciation, Fashion Figure and Drawing, Textiles, Basics of Fashion, Pattern making, Surface ornamentation (Embroidery), Computer, English and Management. I want to share what we were supposed to do in the above subjects and the equipment, things that we needed for the subjects.

In garment constructing class, we were told about machine kit. A machine kit usually includes things like a needle, needle clamp, bobbin, bobbin case, spool, thread. In pattern making class, we were told about pattern making tools and equipment. For pattern making, we needed a working surface, paper, pencils, and pins, measuring tape, fabric scissor, tracing wheel, tailor chalk, french curves, one-fourth and one-fifth scale. For embroidery class, we needed anchor thread (thick and generally anchor thread are made with 6 yarns and used for embroidery), also needles, scissor, khaddar casement (fabric of khaddar), wooden frame (it is of circular shape and used to tighten the fabric for embroidery). With khaddar casement, we were supposed to make samples of size 10 by 12 inches. In Indian art and appreciation, we do mainly research work on Indian states. Firstly, we did research work on Kashmir. In the research work, we did research on the lifestyle of Kashmir, food, living, dance, art and craft, culture, festivals, and dresses. And after doing the research work made a presentation on it. India is such a diverse country that every state has its own culture. It was a good experience to study the culture of a different state.

In basics of fashion, we learned the basic terms related to fashion. Terms like Haute-couture (it involves expensive material and intensive labour. It is usually made on order i.e., customize for a certain client), Pret-a-porter (these are ready to wear clothing’s and made in standard size), Avant-garde (clothings which are made by experimental or innovative ideas and methods. In daily life we can’t wear it).

Illustration class was of my interest. We bought a pencil kit for illustration. In this kit, there are seven pencils – 2b, 3b, 4b, 5b, 6b, 7b and 8b(Here, B stand for blackness). We did lots of practice on pressure lines. After this practice, shading became easy for us. In fashion foundation class, mam told us about elements of design. There were seven elements of design. These were dots, line, shape, texture, color, value, and pattern. We were supposed to click the images of dots and take the printouts of the pics. We had to write our expressions that we feel on seeing the dots. We usually express ourselves from dots. In textile, firstly we got to know about the history of textiles. Textile has traditionally meant, “A woven fabric”. We learned about fibers, yarns or fabrics.

This was what I learned in the first week of college. Below are some images of my work. See you soon…

My first farewell party

It’s been quite a long time that I haven’t written. Past couple of weeks had been very busy weeks for me. I attended Lakme Fashion Week 2017 in Mumbai and spent a week there. Apart from that, college assignments and projects kept me busy all time.

I want to share my experience at Lakme Fashion Week but in this post, I will share my farewell party experience. Not my farewell party, I mean to say, my senior’s farewell party. It was my first party of college life and I was very excited. Let’s start with details.

One day, a teacher came and told us that you guys are also invited to that party. The teacher told us to collect coupons from admin. The venue of the party was Buzz Chandigarh on 13th of June.  It was a theme party and theme was floral. Floral means flowers i.e. something from nature. As you know that girls become very excited when it comes to choosing what to wear for the party. Then I went with my friends to the market. That day I did not find anything that drew my attention. Then at night, I thought what type of dress I should wear. I decided to go with a long floral skirt. Next day, we went to the market again and there I found a very beautiful long skirt in pink and white color. I bought a plain white color top and a pink muffler.

But what about accessories?

I bought a Tiara. Tiara is an ornamental crown traditionally worn by women. I bought a tiara with flowers. I also bought a pendant and a pair of hanging earrings. In footwear, I chose flatforms. On 12th June, we all friends kept talking about the party the whole night. Finally, that day came and I and my friend went to college because one of my friends was coming from Yamunanagar and in our hostel outsiders are not allowed. That was why firstly we went to college and there we got ready. The time to reach the venue was 11 AM and we reached there at 12:30 PM and we thought that the party is over. When we reached there, we saw that most of the students are late.

The ambiance of the Buzz was very beautiful. Floral theme was like the cherry on the cake. Umbrellas were kept on the floor decorated with flowers. Extra tiaras were there, in case, someone wanted to take one. Most of the people were dressed as per the floral theme. Loud music was being played which was perfect for a dance.

Then we took selfies and photographer also clicked some pictures. We met teachers and other classmates. We cracked some jokes and had some chitchat. Meanwhile, the music became loud and the lighting dim. The whole area had become a dance floor. We did a lot of dance. Then we went to eat some snacks. There were a lot of varieties in snacks. Teachers decided Miss and Mr. Hawaiian based on the dresses per theme. Ritu Mam announced the winners. Mr. and miss Hawaiian cut the cake and then we ate cake and had some cold drinks. After munching on snacks, we started dance again. A senior girl gave a solo performance in belly dance. In between, awards were given to the students for best dancer, best dress per theme. After the dance, everyone was exhausted.

And then at 5 PM, we came back to the hostel. After reaching the hostel, I looked for the key to my room. I had left the key in the bag of the friend who was from Yamunanagar and I forgot to take them back. Luckily, that day she did not go back to Yamunanagar. I took the keys from her and returned to the hostel. I went to bed to get some sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I checked my WhatsApp. In the group, I saw my photos in the newspaper and that was an amazing feeling. I collected those newspapers from my cousin’s house and kept them safely.

Below are some of the moments captured from the party.

In my next post, I will share my experience of Lakme Fashion week 2017. Till then, bye bye.

Enjoy Valentine week…

Orientation – part 1

Hi Everyone,

So, let’s start with my class experiences. From May 16, 2016 to June 12, 2017, it was orientation period in college. The purpose of orientation was to give students a platform where students could be introduced to fashion before the commencement of classes and also, to introduce to each other.

I have so much to tell you about orientation because that was a whole new experience for me. But I will try to cover the whole orientation period in some posts. This is the first post in the orientation series. I will tell you about some of the classes that left an impact on me from learning, entertainment and experience perspective.

  1. In the orientation, I remember one class in which we had to get a print out of walking figure. We had to copy it and cut it into the proper shape. Now we were supposed to select designs from magazines and cut it in a way that made a dress. Next step was to paste the paper dresses on the figure that we had cut. From this exercise, we got to see our creativity. After the class, there was a group photo and we were given homework also. We were supposed to make at least 2-3 dresses in this way. The next day, our work was displayed in the foyer area and it was the most interesting thing which I could remember.
  2. There was also an illustration class in which I learned how to handle the pencil and how to make a gradient. The most interesting thing in this class was that I learned about how to make face features. Special focus was given to nose, eyes and lips. I like to draw even before joining college so, I enjoyed this class a lot.
  3. Before this class, we had to bring an old T-shirt. I had no t-shirt so when I told that to my cousin brother, he said that no need to buy a new t-shirt. You could take my t-shirt. I had no idea that it will be cut next day. When I reached the class, I came to know that it will be cut. In this class, we were taught how to make a design in an interesting way and how to give a new design to an ordinary t-shirt. After learning this, I also cut my t-shirt into a top. I was very happy to see this because it was made by me. That top was looking very cool but when my cousin saw his t-shirt turned top, his wordings were, “Don’t expect me to wear this”. We all had a good laugh.
  4. When there was an embroidery class, we were supposed to bring anchor threads. Anchor threads are used in embroidery. In class, we learned basic stitching and after learning the stitches, I made an embroidery in form of rose flower. This class was easy for me because I knew some basic stitching already. Also, I learned some new things and new ways of doing things.
  5. During orientation, apart from practical classes, theory class were also there. We were supposed to do research on designers and different brands and then make a presentation on it. From this research work, I got to know about famous brands and designers. Also, I got to know how these brands were started. Learning about the history of fashion was a good learning experience for me.

Here are some pics from the above classes.

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That’s it for the first part. I will write more about orientation in coming posts.

Stay tuned and don’t break your new year resolution. 🙂

My first day of college


I was late on very first day of my college. What a great start.

I was nervous and excited as well. I didn’t know where was my classroom. The watchman told me where my classroom is. When I entered the classroom, the teacher asked me to take my seat. I looked at the classroom, students, and the teacher. I saw that a game was being played.

Every student had a piece of folded paper in their hand. That piece of paper was written by someone else. As per my guess, every student wrote their name and their introduction on a piece of paper. Then all papers were collected and every student was asked to pick a paper. One student stood up and opened the piece of paper and read the name and introduction of the person written on that paper. Then, the student whose name was in the previous paper, stood up and read the paper that he/she was holding and the game continued. After this game, the teacher asked me to introduce myself.

After this, whole class went to INIFD Corporate Office where we met Anil Khosla, Ritu Kochar. Anil Khosla is CEO of INIFD and Ritu Kochar is the Founder Director of INIFD. Anil Khosla sir gave us a motivational speech. He pointed towards my specs and gave an example that if you want to be a fashion designer then you should think how you can carry these specs so that they appear to be beautiful and fashionable. Anil sir also said that every morning wake up and see your face in the mirror and repeat to yourself that you are a designer.

After the speech, we clicked group pictures with Anil Khosla and Ritu Kochar. After that we got refreshments. Then I went back to the hostel. When I reached my room, my seniors asked me about my first day of college. Then we went to the canteen to have some tea and Maggi. (Maggi – best thing about hostel ;p )

My first outing

My college was going to start on 16th May 2016. I reached Chandigarh on 14th May. Next day, I came to know that students are going on a hostel trip to Fun city. As it was my first day in the hostel, I didn’t know much people. I knew only Divya and Dimple who happened to be my roommates and seniors. So, I was not feeling like going to Fun city. Then, I went for breakfast with Divya. Warden came and asked me why I was not going to trip. Mam said to me that this trip is going to be wonderful and you will get to know more people there. Mam persuaded me to go and I got ready.

A bus was arranged to take us to the Fun city. I had never been to Fun city. So, when the bus reached the destination, I was very excited. There were a lot of swings. Then we got wristbands that were necessary for the entry. We wandered a bit in the park. We clicked some pictures and then entered the water park. First, we did boating. It was a sunny day. The combination of the sun in the sky and cold water beneath us was making the experience amazing. Touching water with fingers was soul satisfying. The view was very clear and mesmerizing.

After boating, we went for a water slide. Letting yourself go with the flow of water was a different experience in itself. Around 1 PM, we had lunch. After lunch, we again went for water slides. We clicked a lot of selfies and a group photo. At last, we had ice creams. Then we boarded the bus and returned to the hostel.

This trip on just second day was a new experience for me. I got to meet new people. I saw new places. We cracked jokes and had a great time together. The trip to Fun city was the perfect start for my college life.

Here are some of the moments that were captured on that day. Enjoy.

Hi, I’m Ritu Malik

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on myfashionfeats. I have just entered into the fashion world. I have joined B.Sc. course in fashion designing in INIFD, Chandigarh. I have started this blog because I want to share my journey in the fashion world with everyone. On this journey, I know I will learn a lot, meet new people, and make new friends, see a lot of ups and downs and a lot of things that will happen that I am not aware of. So, in this post, a little background about me.

You already know my name. I was born and brought up in Jind which lies in the center of Haryana. There are six members in my family. My parents, my grandparents, my elder brother and me. As far as my qualification is concerned, I have done my 10th class from Maharaja Aggarsain Girls Senior Secondary School and I got 94.5% marks. And I have done my 12th class from SD Girls Senior Secondary School with non-medical stream. I got 82% marks. My favorite subject is physics. My hobbies are surfing the net, playing badminton and cricket, having parties.

That’s a brief intro about me. A lot of posts will come down the line but first of all, getting to know each other was necessary. I have already spent 5 months in college and there are a lot of things that I want to share with you all.

So, I will write to you soon.