Lakme Fashion Week 2017

Hello guys. Hope you all are doing great.

I Am very excited to share these things with you because it’s about my Mumbai tour. So let’s start then.

This year Lakme Fashion Week happened in Mumbai from 1 Feb to 5 Feb. We were told about Lakme Fashion Week around 2 weeks before the event date. We friends decided to go. So, we called our parents and informed them about our plan. Then in evening, I called Shivam to ask him about his plan. He told me that he had no plan.  I told him that we all should go together. He agreed and he booked tickets for the train for all of us. Now everything was decided.

On 29 January, we went market for groceries. At night, our cab arrived to pick us from our hostel. We reached the railway station. Shivam and my two other classmates were waiting for us.  We boarded the train but there was one problem. We had booked 7 seats and the seats were not together. Then I, Kamal, Harsha, and Dolphy went to the other seat where we requested a man to exchange seat with us. Luckily, he agreed. Then we started to chit chat and gossiping. We did lots of fun and cracked jokes. Around 5 or 6 am, we decided to take a nap. At around 8 AM, a man came and he was serving breakfast. We took bread omelet for breakfast. We also took tea but tea was like water. Like this our train journey was completed. That was a 40-hour journey.

On 31st morning, we were on Mumbai railway station. We had to travel in the local trains for Bandra. When I saw the local trains, I was dumbstruck. Local trains were full of passengers. There was no space to stand. We left 3 to 4 trains but anyway, after that we boarded a train. After we reached Bandra, we booked a cab for hotel. We reached hotel near about 11 am. Then Shivam went back to his uncle’s house and we all fell asleep in our room. We were so tired that we didn’t go outside that day. In night, we ordered pizza. Getting pizza after such a long journey was ecstatic. Then next day, around 10 AM, we went to Jio garden.  Firstly, we took passes from Ravi sir. The ambience was beautiful and the garden was very big in size. We met Anil Khosla sir. Then we went to the main show area. There was full discipline so, everybody was going in line.

The stage was properly set up. On one side, there was space only for media and above that, there was a sound system. Then we sat on our seats. After some time, the shows started. Models started to walk on the ramp. I saw the silhouettes, designs, and fabric of the garments carefully.  One collection drew my attention in which the silhouette and frills of garments were used. After the show, we went to the source area where all designers had set up their stalls. We went there and see the garments.

After the fashion show, we went to see Gateway of India and Taj hotel. We did boating and clicked some pics. We went to fashion street. I bought tops for me and then we ate vda pav and I ate mitha paan. That paan was awesome. After the exhausting day, we came back to Bandra, in our hotel.

On the next day, our other friends also joined us. That day, we all went to Haji Ali dargah. That dargah was made in the middle of the water. After this, we again went to Fashion Street for those friends who joined us later. That day, I bought flats [footwear’s] for mom. In evening, we went to the Juhu beach. There we ate gola and golgappe and then we clicked photos. After this, we went into the ocean. Though, we didn’t go too far. After that, we went for dinner. Firstly, we ate pav bhaji and then faluda (it is like ice cream and ras malai). If you are visiting Mumbai, then you should try Pav Bhaji and Vda Pav. After dinner, we went to our hotel. Kamal and I went to buy a cake for Dolphy for her birthday. We cut the cake. Ate some and spilled some.

Next day, we had to board return train for Chandigarh. We booked a cab for the station but the traffic was horrible. We reached the station at nearly 12.40 and by that time, the train had already gone. Long story short, we somehow managed to get tickets for a train for Delhi. Around 9.30 we reached Delhi. From there we caught a train for Ambala. This train was very slow. We reached Ambala and from there we boarded a bus to Chandigarh and around 8, we were in the hostel.

This was a whole new experience for me. The journey, Lakme Fashion week, the beach, visiting places and what not. I am always going to remember this trip. We all got to learn a lot.

Here are some of the moments of the fashion show that I managed to click.

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A Glimpse of fun that we had in Mumbai.


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